Friday, February 6, 2009

Vegetarian Recipe Spot

Hello Peoples,,

This blog is all about vegetarian food, recipes, dishes, appetizer etc...

Well i have lots n lots of things about vegan food to share with you i guess this blog will help us to get into this two way communication and spread the Vegan way of living..


Syed Wajid said...

Vegetable Soup Ingredients

2 large cans V-8 juice

2 onions, chopped

3 cloves garlic, chopped

4 carrots, cubed or sliced

2 cups of green beans

1 cup peas

2 cups corn

1 cup lima beans

2 cups chopped, fresh spinach or kale or chard

1 lb of small shaped pasta, cooked

grated parmesan to garnish


Mix everything but the pasta and parmesan together. Slow cook for 8 hours or simmer on the stove for at least an hour for flavors to blend. About fifteen minutes before serving add pasta and simmer.

Serve in bowls with parmesan sprinkled on top.

10 servings

Syed Wajid said...

You can also request me for any vegetarian, vegan & chinese recipes. This is special place for entertain vegetarians. So i am waiting for your request

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